Top 15 Features of Accounting [With PDF]

Are you curious about the top features of accounting? Look no further! In this article, we will cover the top 15 features of accounting that make it an important and dynamic practical science.

From the use of scientific formulas to the precise recording of financial transactions, accounting plays a vital role in determining a company’s financial status.

Join us as we explore the various features that make accounting a unique and essential discipline.

  1. Accounting is a real process that involves identifying, recording, summarizing, and presenting financial information.
  2. Accounting is associated with other branches of sociology such as mathematics, economics, political science, statistics, psychology, and philosophy. It is a social science.
  3. Accounting is an art form that uses special principles and methods to put scientific formulas into practice for a specific purpose.
  4. Accounting is a process of recording financial transactions in a logical and scientific way, analyzing their cause and nature, and determining their outcome.
  5. Accounting is the language of business and is used to prepare different statements and analyses to determine a company’s financial status.
  6. Accounting is orderly and allows for the recording of an organization’s financial transactions in an organized and reliable manner.
  7. Accounting is precise and uses the double-entry system to record transactions accurately.
  8. Accounting is a self-contained process where one transaction does not depend on another.
  9. Accounting accurately and permanently records all business transactions and examines the organization’s accounting methods and practices.
  10. Accounting only covers events that can be quantified in terms of money and does not cover events that cannot be measured in monetary terms.
  11. Accounting analyzes every transaction in a dual entity and records it in the book of accounts.
  12. Accounting measures a company’s total assets, liabilities, and capital at the end of a given time period and determines its financial position.
  13. Accounting is a management tool that provides information in various areas of management.
  14. Accounting uses estimation to calculate some transactions, which can result in approximate results.
  15. Accounting reviews the customs and methods of accounting and provides practical knowledge.

In conclusion, accounting is a unique discipline with multiple uses and varied features. It is essential to have knowledge of accounting theory to acquire skills in practice and hand-to-hand accounting.

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